Python with Apache 2.0

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Mon Nov 22 08:46:44 CET 2004

changli_to at (Chang LI) wrote:

>Damjan <gdamjan at> wrote in message news:<306sikF2sueanU1 at>...
>> > Does python support threads safely along with Apache 2.0 in web
>> > applications.
>> Are you talking about mod_python?
>> If so, then yes. But note that Apache threads entering the python
>> interpreter (via mod_python) will be serialized on the GIL.
>Yes, use mod_python. I plan to use Python to replace PHP and other
>languages. The low efficient CGI will be replaced by embedded Python
>program. Apache 2.0 is faviority becuase the threads are must have

I would like to point out yet again that CGI isn't as bad as many people
make it out to be.  Unless you know you need to handle thousands of
requests per minute, the overhead of creating a process and firing up the
interpreter is not significant.

CGI is certainly an easier debug environment than mod_python or any of the
long-running-process solutions.
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