R BATCH jobs from Python

Benjamin Scott mynewjunkaccount at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 21 00:30:33 CET 2004


i have been attempting to run BATCH jobs on WinXP/Server2003 using
Python.  It seems that my questions are similar to those of a previous
OPs.  Unfortunately, what seemed like a simple question/request either
digressed or was misinterpreted to the tune of 19 posts:

Author: Moosebumps
Subject (1): Batch commands on Windows
Subject (2): os.system always opens new window on Windows XP/2000

here is the operation that works, but isn't actually carried out in

Start->Run "cmd" ***command line appears***

then i enter the following commands (i copied and pasted the whole
session so that you can see exactly what i did):
Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

C:\Documents and Settings\BRdir>cd c:\Applications\R\rw1091\bin

C:\Applications\R\rw1091\bin>Rcmd BATCH c:\test.txt


now, the whole point here is to send the following R script to the
program  c:\Applications\R\rw1091\bin\Rcmd.exe, i.e. the file cited as
"c:\test.txt" contains the following code:


now, the procedure i have just outlined works absolutely perfect.  i
have spent some time trying to do this from Python; this includes
looking at posts and references from everywhere i was able to find
them.  i still can't run an analogous procedure from python.  i have
attempted to use os.system, the popen family.  i feel like part of the
issue is that i can't find enough simple examples on how to use these

thanks in advance for your feedback,

benjamin scott

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