seeking a new host for the "Python Grimoire"

Robert Kern rkern at
Wed Nov 17 12:06:02 CET 2004

Gerrit Muller wrote:

> Stephen,
> I didn't know this resource. It looks nice. Why take it down? It looks 
> valuable as is. Maybe you should add a warning that it is no longer 
> maintained and that volunteers are welcomed at the top?

Some of the material is so out-of-date that it will teach beginners bad 
habits (well, good habits if you are still using 1.5.2, but bad habits 
relative what good habits you *should* be developing if you are using a 
modern Python).

If no one steps forward to take over right now (and I am, alas, already 
overcommitted), it would be nice if the page is kept up with a big, red, 
blazing sign warning off newbies. If the page just disappears from the 
web, I don't think it likely that it will get picked up again. I am 
reminded of a quote from Brewster Kahle, the founder of the Internet 
Archive: "The average lifespan of a Web page today is 100 days. This is 
no way to run a culture."

Robert Kern
rkern at

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