how to count server response time from client ??

Adam C. adam at
Mon Nov 8 01:06:27 CET 2004

Leon wrote:
> not use NTP(network time protocol) Protocols,do it
> "Leon" <square690410 at> ¼¶¼g©ó¶l¥ó·s»D:cma9fb$kru$1 at
>>I want to write a web test tool(HTTP Protocols)
>>I use header 'Date' do obtin server response time
>>but client and server time clock is different
>>how to count server and client time clock  interval or discrepancy
>>Can obtin server receive time ????
>>thank everybody...


start = GetCurrentLocalTime()
stop = GetCurrentLocalTime()
RepsonseTime = stop - start

Or are you looking for something different?


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