Email "portal" in Python?

Michael Foord fuzzyman at
Mon Nov 8 14:14:41 CET 2004

pc451 at (Peter Clark) wrote in message news:<f7199550.0411072019.182a98df at>...
> Think of something like MyYahoo: a personalized portal with news
> aggregator, weather forecast, comics, etc. Now instead of visiting a
> web site, think of all of it being sent daily as an email. It does
> have a web interface, but mostly for selecting your content: this is
> my location for weather, these are the news feeds I'm interested in,
> these are the comics I like, save my preferences, and the server takes
> care of the rest. Does such a thing exist? (Even in other non-Python
> languages?) I've tried Freshmeat, and the other usual sources, but so
> far, nothing. If there isn't any such creature, I'll write my own, but
> I wanted to first check that I'm not re-inventing the wheel.
> Thanks,
> :Peter

I don't think you'll find anything (although I'd love to be proved

I've nearly completed a 'login module' for use with Python CGIs. It is
very easy to use (simplest use add three lines of code to the start of
your script - user is then required to login). It has built in support
for saving user preferences. It *will* feature full admin screens and
optional client side javascript encryption for secured password
transmission. (It's done - just needs glueing together). It uses
cookies and adding 'session persistence' would be very easy.

I'd love to work on Python CGI frameworks for this sort of project -
preferably in a modular way.

You can see a quick example of what I've done so far at :

(This is an online Content Management System that allows editing and
creating of webpages using the Kupu WSYWIG editor). It only implements
login and logout - but the infastructure behind it is quite complete.

I'd like to see a nice Webamil application etc using python
(preferably straight CGI) - and would like to find people to work
with. We would probably benefit from using a framework like Quixote,
but I haven't quite got around to learning it......

If you are itnerested then email me ( mike AT pcbloes DOT com) or if
you would liek to go alone but are still interested in just the login
stuff then also email me.



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