Pyrex on Windows

Richard Blackwood richardblackwood at
Tue Nov 16 21:53:09 CET 2004

Mike Rovner wrote:

> SM wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I would like to play with Pyrex for Windows. I have no clue how to
>> install it including a c compiler. Anyone using pyrex on windows who
>> could give a quickstart?
>> Stani
> You better have some clues about C language first including installing 
> a compiler and writing some sample programms.

Sounds good, but then again, he said he wanted to _play_ with Pyrex, why 
discourage him?

> If you skip that step you likely be stucked in debris of _compiled_ 
> Pyrex programs you'll have absolutely no idea how to dial with.
> Once you mastered that you can simply use distutils to _invoke_ C 
> compiler in order to get you .pyd files.
> Mike
What are you trying to tell him Mike?

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