Python CGI - Accepting Input, Invoking Another Process, Ending CGI

LarsenMTL larsmtl at
Wed Nov 3 17:37:54 CET 2004

Python Users:

Based on previous suggestions from this group, I'm attempting to write
a python CGI that takes input from an HTML form, invokes a second
python script using this input, tells the user that their process has
started, ends the cgi output and later emails the results of the
invoked script.

My problem is that no mater how I invoke the 2nd script (spawnlp with
P_NOWAIT, system with &, etc..) the CGI caller continues to run until
it finishes.  If you press the stop button or close the browser
certain portions of the 2nd script finish but not all of it.  In
paticular the 2nd script uses teTex (invoked by os.system) to process
some tex files, this always errors out if the browser is closed or

Regardless of all that, what is the proper way to have a python CGI
batch another python script?



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