What is Python's answer to Perl 6?

gabriele renzi rff_rff at remove-yahoo.it
Mon Nov 1 23:52:16 CET 2004

Dirkjan Ochtman ha scritto:
>> Parrot was originally intended to run both Perl 6 and Perl 5. Adding
>> Python was an afterthought, and somewhat a consequence of an
>> April Fools joke. Some people think it still is.
> People have also been working on running PHP on Parrot, a Forth-like 
> language is reimplemented on Parrot, and Parrot developers are taking 
> Ruby into account as well. I don't know how much of an afterthought 
> Python-on-Parrot was, but it's certainly not a minor subject right now.

don't forget that they can run brainf**k :)

Anyway, an interesting reading on the subject is the blog from dan sugalski
especially when he goes deep in how to work out stuff like 'how to call
finalizers in languages that have totally different concepts of it'

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