ANN: PyQt-Mac installer available

Kevin Walzer sw at
Wed Nov 10 21:27:48 CET 2004

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Timothy Grant wrote:

| Same error after doing that. Do I need to logout and log back in to
| build the library list or something? on linux I'd run ldconfig, but
| don't know what the equivalent is on OS/X yet.

It looks like PyQt is looking for the libaries in /usr/local/lib instead
of /usr/lib. I have the remnants of old Qt installations scattered on my
machine, which probably explains why it is working for me; those
libraries weren't part of my installer. PyQt seems to require the
dynamic instead of the static libraries.

I'm concerned that simply packaging up the libraries in the installer
might make things unpredictable. I'll have to clean up my Qt
installation and then try everything again. This will take some time,
probably a few days.

I'll post an announcement when the new build is available.

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