How come wxPython isn't in the standard library?

Stefan Behnel behnel_ml at
Sun Nov 7 17:21:36 CET 2004

BJörn Lindqvist schrieb:
>>1) wxpython src tarball is about 18M,
> IMHO, this is a no issue. It doesn't matter that much if the source is
> 8 or 26 mb. 

I highly object. Size /does/ matter in many cases. Imagine what would 
happen if wxPython was integrated. People would say: Ok, tkinter is in, 
wxPython is in, why not PyQT, PyGTK and toolkit XYZ ?? I don't see any 
reason why wxPython should be better than any of the other toolkits. And 
if I was to vote for or against a redundant module that would totally 
bloat the standard distribution, I wouldn't think twice about it...

 > In fact, 8 mb is extremely small download for a
 > programming language.

8MB is actually quite large and I'm happy that many Linux-Distros 
(especially Handheld distros like Familiar) split the stdlib into various 
packets that can be installed independantly. I actually hope that Python 
3000 will make this easier by reducing inter-module dependencies when 
restructuring stdlib.


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