.pyc files...

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Sun Nov 14 23:51:11 CET 2004

    Kent> But PEP 304 seems to be abandoned, if I read the record correctly.
    Kent> It has an incomplete patch that is almost two years old and no
    Kent> activity since then. PEP 320 (Python 2.4 Release Schedule) says

    Skip> I guess "abandoned" is the appropriate term.  There were problems
    Skip> raised with how this would work on Windows and I lost interest.
    Skip> (The current scheme works pretty well for me.  I wrote PEP 304
    Skip> more for pedantic reasons and to address other peoples' concerns.)
    Skip> It shouldn't be hard to resurrect if there are some folks with
    Skip> Windows experience willing to help solve those problems.

    Kent> The biggest stumbling block seems to be the lack of a patch for
    Kent> Windows, though the *nix is also incomplete.

The patch at <http://python.org/sf/677103> has been updated to apply cleanly
with current CVS.  Any Windows folks want to take a crack at fixing the
essentially empty portion of the patch for import.c?


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