Distutils and alternative installation directories

Jeremy Sanders jeremy+plusnews at jeremysanders.net
Tue Nov 23 15:18:32 CET 2004

I've been installing modules in Unix by using

python setup.py install --home=/usr/local/python/python-2.3

In PYTHONPATH I've included the
directory (BTW, do I need to include . in PYTHONPATH?)

However, one module (Numeric) puts a file in the
/usr/local/python/python-2.3/lib/python directory. The directories in this
file don't get added to the sys.path list. Is there anyway to fix this,
except by explicitly adding the directories in the Numeric.pth file to the

Also I'm installing a module which uses numarray. Can I get distutils take
account of the location of numarray when building this module? It doesn't
add -I/usr/local/python/python-2.3/include to the compilation flags.



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