why python is slower than java?

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Wed Nov 10 19:51:23 CET 2004

Maurice LING <mauriceling at acm.org> wrote in message news:<mailman.6022.1099784038.5135.python-list at python.org>...
> > 
> > dude that "comparision" from twistedmatrix you refrence is ANCIENT!!!
> I am wondering the impact when IBM decided that the base memory to not 
> exceed 64kb, in the late 1960s...
> I suppose more experienced people in this list can agree that certain 
> decisions made can be almost an edict. So, there is a re-building 
> process every now and then, hopefully to by-pass such edicts. Python 
> itself is already such an example.
> > 
> > it is comparing versions that are YEARS out of date and use!
> Are the codebase of Python 1.5.2 and Java 1.1 totally replaced and 
> deprecated?

yes it has, in both cases : proof again that you don't understand
enough to comprehend why your question is irrelevant, and that you
can't understand the answer as such.

you can't compare something from so many years ago to each other and
then EXTRAPOLATE the results to NOW.

It would be like comparing a 1965 Mustang to a 1965 Corvette and then
coming to the conclusion that you could EXTRAPLATE those results to
compare the 2005 models. Just completely lacking in any understanding
of scientific theory.

> Lisp compiler is the 1st compiler to be created (according to the 
> Red-Dragon book, I think) and almost all others are created by 
> bootstrapping to LISP compiler. What are the implications of design 
> decisions made in LISP compiler then affecting our compilers today? I 
> don't know. I repeat myself, I DO NOT KNOW.
> > 
> > you are just trolling or your don't know enough to understand the
> > answer to your question which is way to vague to be answered, as there
> > is no real correct answer.
> Certainly I do not have 15 PhDs in computer science or computating 
> mathematics...... I suppose there are some syntax error in your 
> statement to allow me to parse it completely. "too vague", not "to vague".

an this just proves that YOU are irrelvant also, go troll somewhere
else. PLONK

> Thanks
> maurice

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