Python for 8/16 Bit MSDOS ( 486 / 586 / K5 / K6/ Beck-IPC ) processors.

Thomas Heller theller at
Fri Nov 5 18:27:28 CET 2004

claird at (Cameron Laird) writes:

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> Thomas Heller  <theller at> wrote:
>>Manfred Schwab <msw at> writes:
>>> Hi there,
>>> which versions of python are usable under MS-DOS 5.0 oder 6.22 or Dr.
>>> DOS.
>>> I want to use it under a industrial environment to collect measuring
>>> data like temperature, moist and signalconditions with a Beck industrial
>>> PC. Did somebody try this already ? Is there a certain URL where i can
>>> get further information.
>>I severely doubt the Beck-IPC has enough memory for that.
> I like the challenges of working with unusual hosts.  Let's 
> go through this a bit more slowly.
> I have no doubt that getting 2.3 to work on a Beck is ...
> quixotic.  However, there are a lot of alternatives.  Earlier,
> smaller versions of Python were thriftier with memory (or per-
> haps less ambitious).  If the goal is enough Python to collect
> data as you describe, you might well be able to generate your
> own Python from a 1.2 or 1.3 series that works adequately.
> Does anyone maintain a museum of old Pythons?  These turn out
> to be both valuable and relatively modest in effort.  I have
> too many other unfinished projects now to launch another ... has them, starting with 1.0.1.

> If you're simply looking for a good way to do development on
> a Beck, several other languages (Lua, TinyTcl, Forth, ...)
> are likely both to fit and to satisfy at least most of your
> affection for high-level programming.


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