"Rails"-like thing for Python?

Dave Brueck dave at pythonapocrypha.com
Wed Nov 10 19:28:05 CET 2004

Jeff Blaine wrote:
> Like many people, I've recently been turned onto "Ruby On Rails"
> (I believe it was a Slashdot article release announcement
> recently) and didn't know it existed before then.
> I've been writing Python code for 6 years now, on and off, and
> I have to say I am leaning more and more toward at least learning
> Ruby and doing my next few projects with it.
> I am curious if there is anything like the Rails framework for
> Python?  Specifically, I mean a generalized framework for
> rapidly performing web application building.  One that does it
> consistently, well, etc.  Zope is far from what I mean.

Why not get a few volunteers together and just port it? It's only about 24k 
lines of code - and since Python and Ruby are relatively "close" languages, a 
lot of that could probably be a line-by-line translation into Python.

Get the group to agree to 0 changes in functionality and each person can proceed 
almost independently (heck, I'll sign up to port a few files if somebody wants 
to manage a list of who is assigned to what).

Or, if you try Ruby and end up liking it, you're done. ;-) (I did try it, but 
really, really didn't like it)


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