How do you execute an OS X application (bundle) from Python?

Alex Martelli aleaxit at
Fri Nov 5 16:33:48 CET 2004

Just <just at> wrote:
> BBEdit does indeed come with a command line tool (you need to install it
> separately). From the bbedit man page:
>        -w     Wait until the file is closed in BBEdit. Normally,
>               the bbedit tool exits immediately after the file
>               arguments are opened in BBEdit. The -w option
>               allows the bbedit tool to be used as an external
>               editor for Unix tools that use the EDITOR global
>               environment variable. To make this work using tcsh,
>               add the following line to your .cshrc file:
>               setenv EDITOR "bbedit -w"

Nice!!!  OK, so what we need are similar commandline tools for other
useful apps, since MacOSX's own 'open' does not provide such a -w switch
(maybe it's too generic a tool for such a switch to be conceivable...?)


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