Embedding python with debugging features

Jeff Shannon jeff at ccvcorp.com
Wed Oct 6 14:44:01 EDT 2004

Peter wrote:

>I'm considering to embed python in an application written in c++ and use it
>as a scripting language.
>Is it possible to provide debugging features?

Is your intent that your host (C++) application be able to be controlled 
by (internally run) Python scripts,  and that you want said host 
application to support debugging of the Python scripts?

In that case, though I don't know any details, I would say "Yes," this 
is possible to do.  Given that PythonWin (a mixed C++/Python app) 
supports a fairly decent debugger, I can't imagine any technical reason 
why your app couldn't do much the same thing.  Indeed, you might do well 
to study PythonWin's debugging code to get some ideas about implementing 
your own.  (IIRC, PythonWin should be available under the standard 
Python license, which I believe would allow you to legally borrow from 
its code... though you might want to verify this before you go digging.)

Jeff Shannon
Credit International

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