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Richard Blackwood richardblackwood at
Tue Oct 5 23:54:56 CEST 2004


>Ahh, but here's the rub; I posted responses to your questions that were,
>on the most part, helpful.  Had I broken the law in my post (a
>surprisingly easy thing to do in the states), knowing that I was who I
>claimed to be would be particularly useful.
How might you break the law and how might I be interested in such 

>In this case, you are making the claim to not use this information as
>part of a homework assignment, which while not being illegal, is
>generally understood to be amoral, according to academic practices in
>most parts of the world.
Indeed, I don't remember myself ever cheating (in the suggested manner 
or otherwise) , though I did write people's philosophy papers for them 
(for money).

>You have managed to be quite reasonable and calm through the entire
>thread, but you seemed to have missed much of the sarcasm in "Mark
>English's" post.
Mark English was helpful as well.  I enjoyed his sarcasm but chose to 
discard (or otherwise ignore) it in my reply.

> <SNIP>
>Ahh the devil, if one chooses to believe in them, I am surely not.
>Mailing list Don...not even close.  I'm just a guy who can prove who he
>is.  And at least for some places on the internet, that can matter.
I merely meant that you appeared to be playing one, not that I (or you) 
believe they exist.  But in order for us to talk of them (and their 
existence/non-existence) we must have a pre-existing notion(s) of what 
one is.  Indeed, this is what I referring to, the *notion* of a devil.

I found great humor in your reply.  Indeed, your replies were helpful.  
What might you do illegal of which I might want to discover your true 
identity?  If you begin cursing and saying fouls things, I would merely 
leave the mailing-list/newsgroup or hope that the admin would kill-file 
you.  No need for legal action. 

As I haven't concocted anymore lists of questions, people can redirect 
their attention elsewhere.  That is unless people enjoy this discourse. 

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