2 Newbie questions.

Len Sumnler pcslen at comcast.net
Thu Oct 7 07:19:47 CEST 2004

Hi All

I am running SuSe Linux ver. 9.0. I have written the famous "Hello 
World" program and want to run it as an executable.  I have searched the 
net and performed chmod +x mypython.py and added as the first line of my 
program #!/usr/bin/env python.  When I try to run the program as follows
$ mypython.py I get the error message of,
"bash: mypython.py: command not found".  What am i doing wrong.

Second, I am looking for a good online tutorial for some one who knows 
other programming languages assembler, cobol, etc any suggestions.

Len Sumnler, Jr

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