Tkinter 3000 / WCK (Re: Integrate Tile into Tkinter)

Jon Perez jbperez808 at
Tue Oct 26 03:59:34 CEST 2004

Speaking of Tkinter, I noticed that there has
been progress with Fredrik Lundh's Tkinter 3000/
Widget Construction Kit project.  Specifically,
you can now make your own Tkinter widgets from
scratch using pure Python.  Performance actually
seems to be quite good.

--- quote from WCK page ----

The Widget Construction Kit (WCK) is an extension
API that allows you to implement all sorts of custom
widgets, in pure Python. Creating a new widget can be
as simple as:

from WCK import Widget

class HelloWidget(Widget):

     def ui_handle_repair(self, draw, x0, y0, x1, y1):
         font = self.ui_font("black", "times")
         draw.text((0, 0), "hello, world!", font)


Kevin Walzer wrote:

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> Are there any plans to integrate the Tile extension from Tk into
> Tkinter? This theming extension allows native look and feel under
> Windows XP and OS X, in particular, and adds a lot of theming
> flexibility to Tk apps. In fact, it would bring Tkinter pretty much in
> line with wxPython in terms of a native "look" on various platforms,
> though wx still has a larger set of core widgets. I've seen only a
> little discusison about Tile in Python circles, but it's one of the most
> important advances going on with Tcl/Tk these days. Anyway, I'm just
> curious, as I have some experience with Tcl/Tk and am learning Python.
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