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>Subject: EVIL AMERICAN GOVT (aka FBI) is full of SADISTS and

What does this garbage have to do with any of those news groups?

>I am not a muslim, I don't have even a single muslim friend, I am
>not a member of any religious organization,

Nu, so by you it would be OK to persecute someone for his religion?

>FBI has been MENTALLY TORTURING me with 24X7 surveillance for the
>last three years inside and outside my apartment with video
>surveillance devices and motion sensors around my apartment, my
>phone has been tapped, my web surfing is being monitored all the
>time for the last three years, my emails are being monitored, gps
>vehicle tracking devices and voice amplification devices have been
>placed in my car and undercover FBI agents have followed me to
>restaurants, grocery stores, malls, movie theatres, banks and even
>barber shops etc

They have my sympathy. Three years on the kook squad is too much for
any man.

I can get you a good price on purple cloths.

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