Eric3 + Qt licensing [was Re: The IDE question]

Jarek Zgoda jzgoda at
Fri Oct 15 21:39:10 CEST 2004

Ville Vainio <ville at> pisze:

>    Jarek> Ville Vainio <ville at> pisze:
>    >> This Qt licensing thing is way too messy, I'm not surprised
>    >> that so many developers are doing their best to avoid it...
>    Jarek> No, it isn't. It's GNU GPL. What do you consider unclear?
> Isn't it just the Unix/X11 version that is GPL/QPL dual licensed?

Yes, it is. In case of Eric3 too.

Windows versions are named, royalty-free, commercial licenses. If you
have one, you can distribute Qt runtime dll with your programs, but not
the source. PyQt follows this rule and on Windows you need (1)
commercial license for Qt and (2) commercial license for PyQt. Hovewer,
if you have both, you can distribute you program on Windows as free
software. But as you may have read in GNU Public License, if you link to
non-free library, you must give special permission in your license
statement (as in the case of Psi Jabber client). Since Eric3 is GPL-ed
software, only Detlev Offenbach can give this permission, but he states
in README, that "building for personal purposes is permitted, but
distribution is not". IANAL, but I think GNU GPL does not allow such
restriction. Hallo, any lawyers around here?

Jarek Zgoda |

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