GUI development: Java vs. Python (was: Calling (C)Python code from Java: Is it JPype?)

Cameron Laird claird at
Fri Oct 1 17:08:20 EDT 2004

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Neil Benn  <benn at> wrote:
>          As I remember, the OP said that he was going to use Java - the 
>GUI toolkit for that is very nice and extremely portable (no cross 
>platform niggling little issues 'the window doesn't behave that way on 
>linux - well it does on windows!!') - the reason for this - Java GUI 
>(Swing ignore AWT for the point of this - AWT has the same problems as 
>other native GUI toolkits) is _not_ native.  Although I must agree that 
Mr. Benn, you're saying something important here, but something
which merits, at least, qualification.  Certainly the Java com-
munity has given considerable attention to the "write once, run
everywhere" goal.  My own experience has been that their success
in regard to GUIs is mixed, at best.

Maybe it would help to clarify a bit--*which* "GUI toolkit" do
you have in mind?  I *think* you're talking about Swing--is that

My conclusion:  while Java undeniably aspires to be portable in
its GUI, those with a stake in the outcome need to specify clearly
their requirements.  Java does *not* currently provide perfect

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