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Anna Martelli Ravenscroft anna at
Wed Oct 6 22:28:30 CEST 2004

Richard Blackwood wrote:
> Grant Edwards wrote:
>> On 2004-10-05, Richard Blackwood <richardblackwood at> 
>> wrote:
>>> When I said "harsh", I meant being accused of trolling,
>>> attempting to annoy, stir trouble, etc.  None which was my
>>> intent nor did I think that my post would be interpreted as
>>> such (otherwise I wouldn't have posted it).
>> If you honestly didn't think you were being rude and weren't
>> going to annoy anybody, you really, really do need to read how
>> to ask questions the smart way.  c.l.p is a very kind place,
>> but should somebody as naive as you wander into the rest of
>> Usenet... well, I just don't like to think of what might
>> happen.
> Apparently it is not a matter of "smartly" but don't ask at all.
> I get the point, grief.

Honey, you ain't seen grief! If you'd posted any *one* question like 
that on, you'd have been drawn, quartered, tarred 
and feathered, hung out to dry, and THEN they would start getting mean!

Seriously - the feedback you're getting from several posters is that 
you're welcome to ask questions, but you need to show that you've done 
some work first of your own - you need to show that you've put some 
thought and research into it before posting a question. Some are just 
laughing or teasing but several honestly trying to help you understand. 
Please, don't back off and avoid asking - just learn from the responses 
*how* to ask and *when* to ask (i.e, after you've done some research, 
reading to learn what you can on your own, and mebbe even tried 
something out and then come back and have us help you fix it so it works).


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