Fatal error: GC object already tracked

Egil M?ller redhog at takeit.se
Mon Oct 11 18:17:07 CEST 2004

I'm developing a larger Python program, and one component (a text
parser for a networking protocol) happend to be terribly slow, while
quite a simple piece of code, so I decided to reimplement it in C.

However, my code seems to do something in err, since the program
semi-randomly locks somewhere outside my C-code (after returning to
python), and semi-randomly issues a "Fatal error: GC object already
tracked". As this is my first C-module ever, nearly straight from the
HOWTO, I don't have much clue as to what is really wrong with my

The code is available for inspection at
http://grimoire.takeit.se/files/CReader.c, and the error happens at
line 1111 in that file...


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