[ANN] PySQLite 1.0

Alex Martelli aleaxit at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 6 23:45:05 CEST 2004

Gerhard Haering <gh at ghaering.de> wrote:

> =============================
> Announcement for PySQLite 1.0
> =============================
> I'm pleased to announce that PySQLite has reached version 1.0 now.

Cheers and celebrations!!!  It's always important to hear when a
developer deems his code mature and solid enough to risk the "1.0" label
-- and this goes double for the _excellent_ PySQLite, which was a pretty
solid and mature and _incredibly useful_ piece of code for quite a while
already.  Bravo Gerhard!

I hope the DBAPI SIG's efforts to make a better DBAPI 3.0 aren't quite
stalled...?  I think it's high time to standardize down to ONE format
for argument substitution and support _iteration_ on fetches rather than
having to either fetch one, or a list... that's a minimum set on which I
hope agreement could be reached...

For a far more ambitious goal, look al psycopg2 -- YUM... adaptation
roolz!!!  (My secret dream is to have psycopg2 and PySQLite 2.0 support
the same API -- at which point I will care little what the DBAPI does,
since, unless a client twists my arm _and_ dangles bags of gold in front
of me, PostgreSQL and SQLite are the only two RDBMSs I really
need...!-).  Considering the nationalities of the psycopg[2] and
PySQLite developers, might I suggest rekindling the goot olt Rome-Berlin
Axis, or would that automatically invoke Goodwin's Law & kill the


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