Python to Python communication

Harald Massa cpl.19.ghum at
Mon Oct 11 14:40:07 CEST 2004


I have a group of Python programms which I want to teach to "talk to each 

All run on Windows, on the same computer or in the same intranet. 
Security of communication is not an issue (encryption on lower level 
protocols / intra computer communication). Partially these programs are 
using wxPython.

It is important that the communcation is "only an added feature", I am 
not willing to spend big memory / computing ressources on it.

So I googled and came up with at least the following opportunities:

XMLRPC - quite "simple" to implement within python, contained in my 
favourite web framework Quixote / medusa

SOAP - around the same amount of work as XMLRPC

----> these two are fully buzzword compatible to enterprise communication 
needs. But are they really lightwight and needed?

Banana - within the twisted framework. Is described as high performance 
with very litte ressources. From my scanning of twisted it is meanwhile 
possible to integrate it within wxPython and you only need to sell the 
soul of your firstborn for it; but I got the impression twisted rather 
needs a total commitment than a "I just need some banana, man"

pyro - Python Remote Objects. Irmen de Jong has a "get Firefox" icon on 
it's page and he plays with the name "pyro", which makes a good 
impression. It looks rather "ripe", but: he is talking about "pyro 4.0" 
which will be incompatible with pyro 3.4 and a total redesign. That makes 
me shudder.

COM / DCOM. From our favourite software company, available mainly within 
windows. Wrapped excellently with pywin32 ... but needs some seriuos 
type-mangeling to get through and around 2 Gig of Browser Cache to read 
all the MSDN documentation, which is quite C-ish.

socket / select. Within the standard lib. Does not look to hard to get to 
work, working samples included in the nutshell.


so, I am stranded ... and ask C.L.P. for recommendations.

What library have you used and would recommend?


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