printing file/image on default Printer

Steve Holden steve at
Wed Oct 6 02:10:44 CEST 2004

Askari wrote:

> Hi,
>    I search how "I" can printing file/image with a script but the user (who 
> use my script) must DO NOTHING (other that dealing with my GUI). e.g. : 
> with AdobeAcrobat, the user must click "ok" in the "pre"printing windows.
> My solutions, but NOT ok :
>  - Build a .pdf (with reportLab) and print with Adode
>  - Build a image file and print it with "" but don't work 
> (error raised)
> (note : the OS, for my problem, is just Windows)
> Someone have a other idea/solution? 
> Askari

Take as look at wxPython, which has a brilliant demo. One of the demo 
programs shows you how you can drive a printer from Python using the 
standard Windows print dialog (which is what I presume you are seeking).

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