Miscellaneous personal prejudices (was: Dr. Dobb's Python-URL! - weekly Python news and links (Oct 4))

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Tue Oct 5 06:08:05 CEST 2004

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		[lots of other important
		and exciting material]
>    Jacek Generowicz is looking for a metaclass that would allow
>    introducing several methods with the same name in a class, spawning a
>    long and educational thread about metaclasses and learning a simpler
>    way of achieving the goal using the upcoming decorator syntax.
>        http://groups.google.com/groups?threadm=tyfekkoeyk2.fsf%40pcepsft001.cern.ch
>    Srijit Kumar Bhadra posts a version of the same program using
>    PythonNet, IronPython and Boo, showcasing the similarity in the way
>    code is written.
>        http://groups.google.com/groups?selm=221d8dbe.0409302041.3798265d%40posting.google.com
>    control applications. A discussion about the sorry state of software
>    for industrial control in general, and the suitability of Python in
>    particular ensues. People actually seem to have plans for improving
>    Andrew Kuchling would like to see the focus of Python development
>    moving away from hacking the interpreter and towards improving the
>    standard library. 
>        http://www.amk.ca/diary/archives/cat_python.html#003382
Magazines have definite appetites for, among other things,
articles of the "What's new in Release 2.x and how to make
best use of it" and "X-ing with three different technologies:
concrete examples of good style" sorts.

I feel responsible for escalating the pugnacity of the process-
control thread.  That adds to my responsibility to clarify:  FAR
more than any narrow technical complaints about the software of
industrial automation I have, I'm ready to take over as dictator
and change the *approach* of the vendors.  It's not so much that
I think the applications and libraries are bad, as that they're
senselessly closed and ludicrously misdocumented.  In general. 
In my opinion.

Finally, AMK is soooooooo right.  His statement is so perfect, 
even I can't find anything to add to it.  

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