Open Source License Question

Peter Hansen peter at
Wed Oct 27 21:48:07 CEST 2004

Dan Perl wrote:
> Michael, I have one comment in-line (see below), but other than that I can 
> only say that I chose GPL for my own project.  It may discourage use of my 
> code for commercial purposes but it might even be pretentious to expect that 
> something like that would ever happen.  On the other hand, I was more 
> interested in the advantages of open-source and I wanted to enforce that as 
> much as possible.  I did some research of my own at the time (recently, 
> actually) but I didn't go much into details and I didn't study other 
> licenses in detail either, but I chose GPL in large part because it is the 
> most widely used.

This seems like an appropriate post to which to attach a reference
to a nice article contrasting the GPL and the Mozilla Public License

Summary of that essay, in the words of its author:
   "I state in this essay that MPL is more free and open than GPL."


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