Python Newbie. Python on PPC, please assist.

pythonnewbie .
Fri Oct 8 20:11:50 CEST 2004

Hi All. I'm just starting to learn programming using Python. I am new to
programming so please be patient with me!
I found this for Pocket PC:
I tried installing it and for some reason it would not work. Having
installed it,  clicking on the program gives the error "PocketPCPython.exe
or one of it's components cannot be found", even though I am directly
clicking on the exe, and even after much fiddling making sure all the files
are there.
I'm not a newbie as far as pda's go, so I'm a little confused as to why it's
not working.
What I really want to know though, is what it actually, does before I go
about spending time getting it working. I mean, is it a development
environment, like IDLE, or does it just install the Python libraries so you
can run Python programs on a PPC, or what? As I said, I am a complete
programming newbie so sorry if I'm talking rubbish.
I'd be really greatful if someone could tell me what the Python PPC program
is/does. Also if there are any other (better) programs for Python on PPC.
And if anyone has any ideas why the install didn't work on the PPC, I'd be
greatful for advice on that too.
Many thanks in advance.

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