File Polling (Rereading)

Daniel Mueller da_mueller at
Thu Oct 21 15:59:19 CEST 2004

Oliver Fromme wrote:

> The portable way is to stat the file (see os.stat) every
> 10 seconds, look at the mtime (modification time), and
> if it did change, then open/read/close.  

hmm i'll have to rephrase my question... i KNOW that the file changes 
every 10 seconds... easiest would be i just give you the source code ;)
the program is a nice little windows which displays ACPI information 
about battery status and stuff like that. the program is working just 
fine. but i want the performance tweak it...

here is the link to the source code:

help would be greatly appreciated!

> If you're lucky enough to work on a FreeBSD UNIX system
> (and don't need a portable solution)

Linux Platform... and no i dont need a portable solution

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