Fedora 1 and Eric3

Markus Wankus markus_wankusGETRIDOFALLCAPS at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 24 17:19:31 CEST 2004

Bats wrote:

> Bats had this to say:
>>Has anyone here managed to install Eric (Python GUI) on Fedora Core 1?
>>I have had no end of sh*t from qscintilla right on up. It seems I have to
>>jump through an endless series of hoops in a certain order to get to the
>>Any step-by-step kinda help?
> Ah well.... no feedback.

Well.. I can give you feedback but it is kind of useless.  I have found 
that no matter what distro I used - Fedora 1 or otherwise - getting that 
program to work (along with all of its seemingly circular dependencies) 
was a very unpleasant experience and one I never succeeded at.  There is 
something to be said for the simplicity of Windows installers...

All I can say is keep trying, and Google this newsgroup.  This has come 
up here before - you are not alone...


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