convert scientific integer to normal integer

les ander les_ander at
Tue Oct 5 17:51:15 CEST 2004

i have a file with lines like this:
  1.7000000e+01   2.4000000e+01   1.0000000e+00   8.0000000e+00   1.5000000e+01
  2.3000000e+01   5.0000000e+00   7.0000000e+00   1.4000000e+01   1.6000000e+01
  4.0000000e+00   6.0000000e+00   1.3000000e+01   2.0000000e+01   2.2000000e+01
  1.0000000e+01   1.2000000e+01   1.9000000e+01   2.1000000e+01   3.0000000e+00
  1.1000000e+01   1.8000000e+01   2.5000000e+01   2.0000000e+00   9.0000000e+00

Notice that they are all integers. 
What I want to do is write them out in a regular way, by which I mean that the 
output should look like this:
17 24 1 9 15
23 5 7 14 16

I tried the following but it did not work:
for x in fp:
  xc=[int(e) for e in x.split()]
  print " ".join(xc)

any help would be much appreciated

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