See when process exits in Windows XP

Brad Tilley rtilley at
Sun Oct 17 04:52:58 CEST 2004

I've tested this function out and it works well... it'll loop until 
ntbackup.exe has exited and then the script goes on to rename the 
backup.bkf file and copy it to a file server. Having _never_ done this 
before I thought it'd be wise to run this by comp.lang.python. I know 
it's a simple and stupid way in which to monitor a process, but it works 
for me... is it safe to do this? I don't want to get too complex. 
Thanks, Brad

def wait_for_ntbackup_to_exit(procname):
     while True:
             pids = win32pdhutil.FindPerformanceAttributesByName(procname)
             if len(pids) > 0:
                 print pids
                 print len(pids)
                 print "ntbackup is running... waiting for it to exit."

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