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> Is it possible to restart windows services? (remotely and locally)
> Because I have a little script that retreive the LastWaitTimeout key of 
> the automatic update, delete that key if it out schedule for our 
> production needs. But still the service need to be restarded if I want 
> that key to be reset, when Win Update will resynchronize with the sus 
> server for new update.
> Thankx

Since this is a windows specific question, you must have the windows
extensions installed.  I'm assuming you either already have them, or
know where to get them, as that is a different question entirely...

The python module that you need to perform this task is win32service.

In order to restart a service, you should do two things:

1) Tell the service control manager (SCM) to stop the service 
2) Then tell the SCM to start the service.

Thus, the pseudocode to restart a service is as follows:

1) Obtain a handle to the SCM -> use win32service.OpenSCManager
2) Obtain a handle the service you wish to stop -> use
3) Tell the service to stop -> use win32service.ControlService with
the proper control code for stopping a service.
4) Start the service -> use win32service.StartService


Michael Loritsch

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