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> I'm attempting to write an email client, and I've run into a snag.  I've
> several docs on email, but they're not dumbed down enough for me.
> I'm downloading my messages like this:
> M = poplib.POP3('')
>         M.user('username')
>         M.pass_('password')
>         inMail = str(M.retr(i))
> and I get the message just fine, but I want to pull out of all that just
> html part.  How can I do this.

as a pointer using your inMail string  (untested,  and you should read the
docs for the email module to find the functions that will really suit your

import email

emailobj  = email.message_from_string(inMail)

# or

emailobj  = email.message_from_string( str(M.retr(i)) )

if not emailobj.is_multipart():
      # return/break/pass etc
e_payload = emailobj.get_payload()

#then something like

for x in range(len(e_payload)):
     e_name = e_payload[x].get_filename()
     e_type = e_payload[x].get_content_type()

# I doubt the last two functions will do what you need,  but there will be
functions in the email module that you can use in their place

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