ANN: GUI wrapper for pygtk, pyqt and wxpython

Torsten Marek torsten.marek at
Fri Oct 8 16:03:27 CEST 2004

Stelios Xanthakis schrieb:
> Hi.
> I'd like to announce the availability of a high-level GUI wrapper
> for pygtk, pyqt and wxpython.
> Check out the screenshot at
> I wanted to write a *simple* app with a GUI that didn't look as horrible
> as Tk and without having to ask from the users to install this or that. 
> All three (pygtk, pyqt and wxpython) have serious drawbacks for one to
> invest their time learning them.
Having had just a short peek at your code (I come from a PyQt background), I'd
suggest that you use properties for stuff like enabled (any widget) and text
(line edits), which saves you a lot of functions. It should also be possible to
define the shadow classes automatically (either dynamically or with a script
that generates them from an input file), because the simple widgets (at least
for PyQt) look pretty much the same.



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