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Grant Edwards  <grante at visi.com> wrote:
>Which one, the "Rude much?" crack or the "You've got to be kidding..."
>crack?  The latter isn't all that improper (especially not for Usenet).
>The former is colloqial US English.  More specifically it's "Valley
>Speak" -- made popular outside "The Valley" by movies like "Valley
>Girl", "Mall Rats", "Heathers", and just about any John Hughes movie
>(especially Sixteen Candles).  The first two are crap, but "Heathers"
>is a good movie, and I still like "Sixteen Candles".

_Heathers_ may be good, but I was unable to finish watching it.  I find
it too painful to watch people behaving stupidly for no good reason.
Similarly, I was unable to finish watching _Bandits_.
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