Fedora 1 and Eric3

marcus at deepfort.com marcus at deepfort.com
Mon Oct 25 04:47:36 CEST 2004

Bats wrote:

>Bats had this to say:
>>Has anyone here managed to install Eric (Python GUI) on Fedora Core 1?
>>I have had no end of sh*t from qscintilla right on up. It seems I have to
>>jump through an endless series of hoops in a certain order to get to the
>>Any step-by-step kinda help?
>Ah well.... no feedback.
I know there are eric deb packages out there that pull everything down
in one fell swoop, so maybe it's time to get apt/yumming or whatever fc
calls it :-)

apt-get install eric

Personally I only discovered that as a matter of curiosity when I saw
eric in a repository and tried it to see the difference - having
installed it (and every dependency) from tarballs previously, used it
for a while, and sadly removed it. It's clearly an excellent piece of
software, but I just had something else that did each task I wanted -
usually better.

Besides which, once you've got your IDE/debugger sorted out, if you're
working in the python/Qt that eric offers, even the GUI form design for
python/Qt can be done in a *much* better, easier way using plain old
Qt-designer, then piping the .ui files it creates through pyuic.

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