Error import PyWinTypes24.dll

Thomas Heller theller at
Thu Oct 28 15:02:45 CEST 2004

alain.marcel at (Alain) writes:

> Hi all !
> I'm working on Windows XP, with Python24.
> I've a trouble with PyWinTypes24.dll (python Windows extensions).
> Trouble is not due to specific python version 24.
> To distribute my applications, I don't want to put anything else
> elsewhere (neither in Windows/System32 nor in registry).
> So I deliver a folder (says HOME) that contains two mains folders
>   - a folder Python24 that contains python distribution and
> msvcr71.dll, python24.dll, PyWinTypes24.dll
>   - a folder apps that contain a folder per python application
> I start my python applications with such command :
> HOME/Python24/Python HOME/apps/app1/
> Windows complains that it cannot found PyWinTypes24.dll.
> If I copy PyWinTypes24.dll in each HOME/apps/appX folder, then it
> works.
> It's a solution but not very nice.
> Is there a solution without duplicate PyWinTypes24.dll ?

You should look into, and probably change, win32\lib\,
which is the module that loads pywintypesXY.dll with some magic.


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