Embedded Python.

winlinchu at yahoo.it winlinchu at yahoo.it
Fri Oct 8 13:44:33 CEST 2004

winlinchu at yahoo.it wrote in message news:<74b8e0de.0410070353.17ab0890 at posting.google.com>...
> I would want to embed Python interpreter in an application, but only
> the
> interpreter without the modules of the standard library (unless sys,
> builtin or some others, that are indispensables). In "setup.py" of the
> source tree, there is a variable that must contain the list of modules
> to not install. I have added some modules, but does not work.
> How can I do? Thanks.

I don't want to create an executable from Python sources (I use Linux,
not Windows), but a normal C application with Python included. In my
application I don't need of modules which socket, xml, or some others.
Therefore, why I must to compile/install?

Thanks for all.

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