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Sam Holden sholden at
Sat Oct 23 13:01:39 CEST 2004

On 23 Oct 2004 02:27:13 -0700, Lad <export at> wrote:
> Tim Golden <tim.golden at> wrote in message news:<mailman.5301.1098433895.5135.python-list at>...
>> import os
>> os.system ("/path/to/other/")
> Dear Tim,
> Thank you for the idea but it does not work without problems.
> Your solution with os.system like 
> os.system('start')
> os.system('start')
> works( without problems) if I start the main script from console.
> Os.system opens a new console window and starts a child script in each
> console window.
> But
> if I start the main script from a browser, and that is what I want,
> like http://myserver/cgi-bin/
> the does not open a new WEB BROWSER window but starts
> a new CONSOLE window.
> But I would like to open  each child script in a WEB BROWSER window
> not in console window. How can I do that?

It can't be done. The web browser decides when and how to open windows,
your script can only send output to the browser and hope it does
something vaguely like what you want. Some web browsers don't
support multiple windows, for example.

You could send the browser some Javascript and on sufficiently insecure
browsers that Javascript could make the browser open a new window
and make a HTTP request which starts another script.

Sam Holden

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