Include pysqlite2 into Python 2.5?

Gerhard Haering gh at
Fri Oct 22 11:04:24 CEST 2004

On Fri, Oct 22, 2004 at 12:33:34AM +0200, Alex Martelli wrote:
> Simon Brunning <simon.brunning at> wrote:
> > Which is not to say that the current DB-API should be used. There have
> > been discussions elsewhere about improving and simplifying the DB-API
> > - providing iterators, getting rid of all but one of the parameter
> > styles, that kind of thing. Perhaps the best thing would be to agree a
> > DB-API version 3.0 over on the DB SIG, then make sure that the built
> > in module supports that.
> Amen, hallelujah.

I'm all for it, but it's depressing that talks about it have been on
the DB-SIG mailing list since years. The question is, if the DB-API
3.0 should be a usable interface for application programming itself,
or if it should still only be a driver API where higher-level modules
need to be built on top to make it actually useful and enjoyable.
Currently, people either do that, swear and use stuff like the crappy
index-based access for columns, or use nonstandard extensions to the
DB-API like dictfetch() methods or PgResultSet in PySQLite/pyPgSQL.

If we really want this solved, we can try further discussion on the
DB-SIG list, or maybe we could get a DB-API 3.0 sprint organized?  I
don't know if an IRC meeting would get us further faster, but it's
worth a try.

If all else fails, and consensus cannot be reached, then IMO it's time
to fork and see if the courageous or the (extremely) conservative
approach is accepted better by the community.

> > [...] But you if you were using another engine, you'd only need to
> > change this to:
> > 
> > from sql import sql
> > from other_engine import other_engine
> > other_database = sql.Engine(other_engine)
> > my_database = other_database.Database('c:/myotherdatabese.db',
> > 'user_id', 'password')
> > 
> > >From there on in, ideally you wouldn't have to change *anything*.
> Young and idealistic, I assume.  Care to name two more SQL engines
> accepting exactly the same dialect as sqlite...?-)

I was almost making a similar comment :-)

-- Gerhard
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