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Thu Oct 7 04:35:03 CEST 2004

On Wed, 06 Oct 2004 09:29:07 +0100, Richie Hindle <richie at> wrote:

>> I could care less honestly.
>> I've always been curious about that phrase.  It seems to imply
>> that you _do_ care, since it would be possible for you to care
>> less than you do.  Shouldn't the expression be "I couldn't care
>> less"?
>In the UK we say "I couldn't care less".

Perhaps Richard was proposing the notion that he could care differently.
(i.e., less honestly ;-)
(Otherwise, IMO, there should have been a comma after his "less.")

>One theory is that in the US it has become the sarcastic opposite of
>itself, as in "tell me about it" or "I should be so lucky".
>Another theory is that it's been mangled through overuse - the
>individual syllables ceased to matter a long time ago, and the "n't" was
>lost because of sloppy speech.
>As revealed by PSU Research Paper "UU788", the *real* reason is a side
>effect of the nanovirus encroaching into non-whitespace, as first
>proposed by "UU355" and then earlier proven (twice, as it turned out) by
>"UU6 9".  The only defence is t*^$Z:%Z* NO CARRIER
My linguistic feature-clustering/distribution detector signals significant
probability of non-English-first-language when scanning Richard's prose.
Possible origin: planet U^g%%

Bengt Richter

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