ann: Pysch, Scheme runtime environment in Python

David Rush kumoyuki at
Fri Oct 8 15:46:21 CEST 2004

olepar at (Oleg Paraschenko) writes:
> Pysch:
> Pysch relies on Bigloo to preprocess a source code of
> Scheme programs (expand macros) and to save the result
> as XML. Pysch interprets only the refined XML.

This should get listed as the most bizarre implementation methodolgy
ever adopted. I think you have definitively showed the equivalence
between s-exprs and XML, if nothing else.

And for the tone-of-voice challenged, I do not intend to convey
sarcasm. Rather I am amazed that such an approach works well
enough to:

> Pysch supports only a subset of the Scheme functions
> library. Anyway, the subset is big enough to run
> SXPath and SXSLT code.

How fast?

david rush
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