Database and Interface for Python

Michael Foord fuzzyman at
Fri Oct 8 09:21:54 CEST 2004

> > I guess this is as bad a time as anyto start to learn to use a
> > database !! So I look on google and the situation is a little unclear.
> > I can use the database API that will give me a 'consistent
> > interface'... but I still need a database engine installed. e.g.
> > MySQL. Not only that but I need a python interface to that engine that
> > the database API can use ?
> Yes, you will need both database and python interface to access it.
> > I think the web server I use will allow MySQL databases, so if I
> > install it on my windoze box and install the MySQLdb python module
> > then I'm well away....
> Webserwer has nothing to do with database.

It does if it's a 'web application' your developing !! Whatever
solution I choose has to work on my server *and* on my windoze nox for
testing !!

Thanks for your answer though.



> > Have I got it right ? Can I do 'date range' queries using MySQL,
> > MySQLdb and the Python database API ?
> Yes.

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