New to Python: Features

Richard Blackwood richardblackwood at
Wed Oct 6 22:26:22 CEST 2004


>Psyco can only speed up Python.  Libraries that are already compiled
>C/C++/whatever will gain nothing.
No kidding.  j/k, but I already knew this.

>I would doubt there would be any issues involving using Pyrex for making
>compiled modules, then also using Psyco to speed up the leftover Python
Ah, that's what I meant.  So do you mean that I can not use Psyco 
directly in the Pyrex code but I will have to apply it (by manually 
editing them to import Psyco) to the Python leftovers?  I would think 
that Pyrex would know to leave the imports alone and thus Psyco would be 
fine.  I guess I shall have to test it for myself, thanks.

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