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Tue Oct 26 10:02:00 CEST 2004

In article <tjfgn016is8t1gmigr81jd5dpuq5q4f4nn at>, Alan Gauld wrote:
> Are you sure you don't know some SQL and DOS Batch language, or
> Unix shell dialects? And if you know Java and C then C++ is but a
> step away... Add those to your 5 and suddenly you know 9 and a
> dozen languages doesn't seem so far away does it? :-)

As someone who has recently had to do a major overhaul of a bunch of DOS
Batch files (and it's not even over yet), I would just like to say, for the
record, that DOS Batch does not even deserve to be called a language. Any
"language" that requires you to shell out to an external program, FOR.EXE,
with an arcane parameter that only works in recent versions of Windows,
combined with multiple invocations of CMD.EXE to perform variable
substitutions that %%look%%like%this%% on an array that had to be simulated
through naming convention, just to write a loop over a list, should be taken
out and shot, like this sentence.

There. I feel better.

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