New to Python: Features

Richard Blackwood richardblackwood at
Thu Oct 7 02:15:13 CEST 2004


>I am not sure that:
>  import psyco
>  psyco.full()
>...will do anything useful in Pyrex code, so I wouldn't bother.
>Let us say you manually translated '' to 'mymodule.pyx' (or
>wrote 'mymodule.pyx' directly), then ran the Pyrex preprocessor and a C
>compiler to make '' on a linux platform, and placed it in a
>proper location.
>Let us also say you have another module '' which imports
>'mymodule'.  If the psyco import and psyco.full() lines are in
> (or any other python module that is imported), psyco
>will do its thing on the Python source.
>I do not know if leaving the psyco import and psyco.full() lines in
>'mymodule.pyx' will do anything good or bad, as I have never tried such
>a thing (for me, psyco is sufficient in the rare case that I need such
> - Josiah
I will have to check the docs for Pyrex to see if it does not performs 
its compilation on imported Python modules but only on Pyrex modules.

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