Eric3 + Qt licensing [was Re: The IDE question]

kosh kosh at
Sat Oct 16 14:45:48 CEST 2004

On Saturday 16 October 2004 6:29 am, Ville Vainio wrote:
> >>>>> "Michael" == Michael Sparks <zathras at> writes:
>     Michael> Being more specific though... It also frustrates me that
>     Michael> I can write something I find useful and then cannot
>     Michael> afford to pass it onto friends who use windows, even if
>     Michael> there's no commercial value in it.
> What we are seeing here is a horrible waste of coding - 95% of the
> desktop world runs on Windows, and if a piece of software is unusable
> for 95% of the potential userbase... that just sucks. Incentive to

That is also misleading. Even though 95% of people use windows that does not 
make them 95% of the potential userbase. A lot of programs seem to only have 
interest on windows no matter how portable to windows they might be. What 
percent of vim, emacs, bash etc users are windows vs unix?

A lot of my stuff tends to be unix only and it has no effect on customers 
other then saving them money for testing on other platforms that nobody has 
expressed even a slight interest in using. 

> change the OS mostly works for home users, it would have to be pretty
> damn convincing to make a corporation with standardized desktop PCs to
> make the switch.

Overall I would like it if qt was available for gpl usage under windows. I 
would like it even more if kdelibs and kdebase would then work under windows. 
Then I could make some nice gui frontends to some web app stuff that are just 
a royal pain in the neck to do under windows becaus of the lack of something 
like the kde io slaves.

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